Guide To Filing Personal Bankruptcy in Canada

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The decision to file for personal bankruptcy does not have to be complicated. Our easy to read infographic walks you through the decision process about how to declare bankruptcy by describing:

  • What is personal bankruptcy?
  • What is is means to talk to a bankruptcy trustee
  • What your bankruptcy duties will be
  • What is means to receive your bankruptcy discharge.

If you think bankruptcy is the right option for you, contact a Bankruptcy Canada trustee near you today.

guide to filing personal bankruptcy in Canada

Some highlights:

  • Only a trustee in bankruptcy who is licensed by the federal government can file a bankruptcy for you in Canada.
  • A trustee will review your situation, explain the costs of filing bankruptcy and if you have other options.
  • Most people are eligible for an automatic discharge after 9 months.

Considering bankruptcy in Canada?

Talk to a licensed Canada Bankruptcy Trustee today.

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