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Bankruptcy Nova Scotia TrusteeLooking for a local Nova Scotia bankruptcy firm that will give you expert advice on your finances and treat you with understanding and respect at the same time? Look no further than Allan Marshall and Associates Inc.

Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. is a bankruptcy and insolvency firm that provides personal financial solutions to individuals and businesses experiencing financial problems and debt management issues throughout the Maritimes.

Allan D. Marshall, the President of Allan Marshall & Associates Inc., has been working in the insolvency industry since 1972. In 1982, Allan opened his own independent insolvency firm. To this day, we at Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. remain proudly independent from the national “chain” firms. And as an independent local family-owned business, we work hard to provide excellent service at a reasonable cost.

At Allan Marshall & Associates Inc., we specialize in insolvency matters and are licensed by the federal government to administer bankruptcy, consumer proposals, receiverships and more. That means that whatever your debt or finances require, we can offer the right solution, whether that means personal debt restructuring, debt settlement with your creditors or bankruptcy. The caring professionals at Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. have the knowledge and experience to assess your situation and will offer the right advice and information to respond to your specific situation. We make the calls stop and give you back your peace of mind.

With offices throughout the Maritime provinces staffed with knowledgeable local professionals, you can be assured that you won’t be “just a number” – our staff are passionate about helping you get a fresh financial start. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families become debt-free over the many years that we have been in business and our solid reputation has made us one of the most successful firms in the Maritimes. And with the second generation of Marshalls now at the helm, that commitment to excellent service at a reasonable cost continues.

When you contact us for help, you will be meeting one-on-one with caring professionals who not only initially map out a solution to your financial difficulties, but also meet with you to follow-up on your situation to make sure that the process is working smoothly and to provide you with the necessary tools to manage debt in the future – for you, your family and your children. We know that you have financial goals in life and we want you to reach those goals, whether it’s owning a house, putting the kids through college or that dream trip. For others, their debt is keeping them from moving forward, from getting a “real” job, or going to school. At Allan Marshall & Associates Inc., we also focus of getting our more mature individuals prepared for their retirement so that those later years really are the “golden years,” free from the worry that their children might be burdened with their debt in the future.

Don’t put it off – contact us today for a free confidential consultation and get started on a new path towards financial stability.

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