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Today we meet with Goth & Company Ltd., our local, independent Edmonton bankruptcy trustee and licensed proposal administrator.

Goth & Company is a local insolvency practice that has proudly served the residents of Edmonton, Red Deer, Northern Alberta and the North West Territories for the last 20 years. We have helped thousands of individuals who have been struggling with their finances.

Goth & Company, originally founded by James D. Goth, grew out of a need for personal, practical and professional insolvency advice. At the time, people who were struggling with debt and considering bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, had no other choice but to seek help from the impersonal world of the large accounting firms. Unfortunately, these firms were accounting and audit firms first, you were required to account for every 6 minutes of the day and everything was driven by the bottom line. Helping individuals find the proper solution to their debt problems wasn’t their primary focus. In that environment it was very difficult to spend extra time and care with someone to find the right debt solution. Frustrated by this, and not feeling like he was in a position to provide the level of service that people deserve, James Goth had a different vision of what an Edmonton bankruptcy trustee should be. To better serve his clients, Goth & Company was born.

Since 1993, Goth & Company, has built a solid reputation as a firm who cares about people, about quality and about providing professional advice in a manner that everyone deserves. Gone are the days of tracking every 6 minutes, only providing assistance when it could be directly tied to billable hours, and ever since they have made service and quality a priority.

Today, James works alongside his son Barton, who is also a licensed trustee in bankruptcy and consumer proposal administrator. They continue to be true to the founding principles of the firm, and are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect, understanding, and are provided with the support and information they deserve.

Are you:

  • struggling with your finances,
  • unable to maintain your minimum payments
  • simply don’t feel you are making progress on your debts, or
  • think you might need to file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal?

If so, you should call Goth & Company today. With 5 convenient offices throughout the Edmonton area, either James or Barton would be happy to meet with you personally. They will help you to evaluate your situation, understand your options, and take the steps necessary to become debt free.

Remember, there is no cost or obligation and you can be confident that you are dealing with a licensed, caring professional who wants to see you succeed. Contact our Edmonton Bankruptcy Trustee today and find your solution.

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