Recovering From Unexpected Financial Events

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Saving-debt-recovery-financial-eventsIt can happen to the best of us.

More than that, it does.


Responsible, financially solvent people leading productive, fruitful lives suddenly find themselves saddled with unexpected expenses that can bring them to their knees because they weren’t properly prepared for them.

These are the stomach-curdling episodes. Things like a sudden illness that yanks you out of the workforce; a job loss or temporary layoff, unanticipated house repairs and even — tragically — funeral costs for loved ones who haven’t made the provisions to cover them pre-emptively.

As much as these twists in life’s journey are unexpected, the hard truth is: they aren’t. The abnormal is actually the enduring normal when it comes to surprise turns that require you to dig deeply into your financial resources.

Turning It Around

Carrying too much debt makes it quite impossible to tuck away that important little extra so it’s there for your use when life shoots a curveball into your airspace. By eliminating debt, you free up funds for every play in the game.

Planning ahead and socking away some funds each month may not seem feasible now, but imagine eliminating your debt by means of a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal and having those extra few bucks to put aside as a result of a smaller monthly debt payment.

Don’t think of bankruptcy or a consumer proposal as a  sign of failure. Instead look at it for what it was meant to be: a fresh start.

If you’re among those who would like to look after the past so that they can start planning for the future, contact us today, we’re here to help.

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