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Dryden, Ontario

Grant Thornton Limited provides personalized bankruptcy and consumer proposal services to residents in Dryden and Northwestern Ontario. We know that bankruptcy is your last choice. At Grant Thornton we can help you avoid bankruptcy by helping you understand all of your debt relief options. We can help you negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts through a legal process called a consumer proposal. It is the number one alternative to bankruptcy for residents of Ontario. If bankruptcy is your better option, we can help you understand what that means and get you a fresh start.

Bankruptcy Trustee Dryden | Bankruptcy DrydenDryden Insolvency Office
66 Keith Avenue, Unit 2
Dryden, ON
Telephone: (807) 223-5895
Toll Free: 310-8888
Website: Dryden Bankruptcy

If you are having money problems in Northwestern Ontario, thinking of filing bankruptcy or just need advice about your financial problems, call our Dryden office at 807-223-5895 or send us an email with our online assessment form.

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Thunder Bay
979 Alloy Drive, 3rd Floor
Thunder Bay, ON
1-807-345-6571 or
Toll Free 310-8888
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Fort Frances
601 Mowat Avenue
2nd Floor
Fort Frances, ON
Toll Free 310-8888
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Dryden Office Location

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