Licensed Insolvency Trustee Prince Edward Island Canada

Are you dealing with overwhelming debt and considering bankruptcy in PEI? Our local PEI trustee, Allan Marshall & Associates Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help.

Deciding to file for bankruptcy in Prince Edward Island, or anywhere, is a tough decision and one that should be well thought out. When you meet with our team PEI, they will review your personal situation and explain all of your options including personal bankruptcy and a consumer debt proposal. Bankruptcy is not your only solution.

All of our trustees offer a free, no charge, confidential consultation. Our trustees are known for their commitment to providing discreet, professional care and having the expertise to help you choose the right solution for you.

Local Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Prince Edward Island


If you live in Canada, are outside of Prince Edward Island and you are looking for a trustee, please visit Bankruptcy Canada Trustees to find a trustee near you.